Warning: Will be updated and may contain spoilers


Big John
A woodcutter from a small village. Big and strong. Would give his life to save those he loves.

A captain in the King’s army. A good man that does what he’s told.

The Chancellor, a high ranking official of the Kingdom. A cunning man who only has his own interests at heart.

The Princess’s maid. Kind and takes her duty of protecting the Princess very seriously.

Small John
Big John’s son. He has his father’s stature and a heavy burden to bear. He is searching for what fate has in store for him.

A soldier in the King's army. He is easily distracted doesn't think before doing things.


An unusual Orc. Good with a bow and has a sophisticated way with words. Very different from his fellow Orcs.

A full grown Orc, known as a grunt. A bit on the lazy side, but he is strong and a good fighter.

A young Orc, known as a brood. Wants to become a strong warrior and is on his way to becoming a grunt.

A female Orc warrior, known as a fury. She is an honorable fighter and feels at home on the battlefield.

A wandering Orc. He feels as if he is one with nature and goes from one clan to the next to speak with the elders on behalf of the land.

A young grunt. He wants nothing more than to prove himself in battle. To become one of the greatest warriors of his clan. Though he still has a lot to learn.

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